Studios & Equipment

Our 2 studios are very well equipped with lots of analog outboard gear and more than 100 microphones. Below you can click into a complete equipment list for studio 1 and studio 2 , as well as equipment that is common to both studies (swap equipment).


Studio 1

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Studio 2

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Unique sound and ambience

In studio 1, there are 5 separation rooms built around the 100m2 large recording room, where you can change the reveration time by up to 2 seconds. The large space is particularly suitable for recordings of drums, wind instruments, strings and corensembles.

Digital Recordings

We work with Pro-Tools HD10 and the cool converters from DigiDesign. In January 2020 we expect to convert to Pro-Tools 12 with brand new converters.

Outboard Gear

We have outboard gear from Tube-Tech, Urei, Manley, Massenburg, Teletronix, EMT, Focusrite + much much more.

The microphones – the first link

Well started is half complete. We have more than 100 microphones for all kinds of audio recordings – including 15 tube microphones. The Herligans fan mentions Neumann, Brauner, AKG, Sony, Brüel & Kjær, Red, Sennheiser + many many more

Analog Recordings

We can offer analog recordings on 2 “Otari MTR90 and Mix/mastering on 1/2” Otari MTR-12


The complex’s Studio 2 is highly suited for the mix on the legendary SSL 4048 G + with full automation on Pro-Tools via the Tangerine Automation Interface.